Oakridge, Oregon to Arch Cape, Oregon

254 Miles, Thursday, September 13

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I left Oakridge with some clouds but no rain. I made a stop at the pub to get a photo of the place.

My intent was to bypass Eugene to the south looping through Creswell and then into Veneta. I had my GPS set for Florence so that it would lead me to the coast and then home rather than try and route me up I-5. I was not paying attention and missed my turn off and only realized this when I found myself on the edge of Eugene. The GPS thought that heading through Eugene was the fastest way. It might have been the shortest in total miles but Eugene is big and traffic slow. It took way too long to make it through the city.

I finally found myself back in the country. This is Lookout Point Dam along highway 126 before Veneta.

Coast range in the distance.

Once I reached Florence I headed North. It was nice to be by the Ocean again. I stopped in Waldport for lunch and arrived home at 4 PM. I had encountered a few brief rain showers on the ride up the coast but nothing too long or heavy. This is the view north of Florence.

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