Klamath Falls, Oregon to Oakridge, Oregon

187 Miles, Wednesday, September 12

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This would be a reasonably short day but one which I knew would have a lot of stops to take pictures at Crater Lake.

Due to my change in plans while on the ride I needed to make new accommodations for Wednesday night. I had stayed at a couple Super 8 Motels and they are generally OK and fairly inexpensive. When in Carson City I decided to book the Klamath Falls Super 8 Motel. Unfortunately this is next to a Pilot fuel stop which has 24 hour a day truck traffic. I ended up with a room facing the fuel stop. I woke up due to noise a few times during the night and at 4:47 AM the wake up was due to some sort of alarm. Not really knowing what the alarm on my BMW sounds like I took a look out the window to see if anything important was going on. The noise was something taking place at the Pilot fuel stop so I went back to bed.

The sky was blue with scattered clouds as I headed to Crater Lake.

Once the elevation increases the grass lands give way to trees.

Almost to the loop around the rim here. Note the poles used in the spring when the snow plows start clearing the roads. They are tall. It was cold so I got my heated vest on at this stop.

At the Crater Lake lodge I came across Vicki and Simon riding Honda Grom motorcycles (125 cc and 10 HP!). Their license plates caught my attention as well as the small bikes with knobby tires. They conveniently parked next to me. Turns out they were from New Zealand and were just finishing a ride on the TAT (Trans America Trail). They shipped the bikes to the United States and started in New York. They were just now finishing their ride. They have a web site, kiwigrom.com, where you can read about their adventure.

I had something to eat in the cafe and then continued around the lake. The water depth is 1,949 feet. The very clear water gives the lake a deep blue color. The large island behind me is a cinder cone named "Wizard Island".

This is a view of Wizard Island not seen unless you make the loop around the crater on Rim Drive.

The sides of the caldera are very steep. Getting too close is not advised.

A view looking away from the lake. The clouds were growing darker as it grew later and would eventually bring a light shower at the end of my ride.

The second island in Crater Lake, this is a rock pillar called "Phantom Ship".

Once checked into the Arbor Inn Motel in Oakridge I walked to Brewers Union Local 180 about 15 minutes from the Motel. They brew and serve excellent cask ales. Good food as well.

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