Baker City, Oregon to Winnemcca, Nevada

329 Miles, Sunday, September 9

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This ride took me south into Nevada. On the way there I was briefly in Idaho then back to Oregon before finishing up in Nevada. Speed limits were 70 MPH or 80 MPH for much of the ride so I made good time. The farther south I went the warmer it was with temperatures into the 90s. As long as I was moving it was not too bad. The day started with breakfast at the restaurant adjacent to the Motel.

Lots of farming and lots of green.

This is an estate in which some dot com bazillionaire attempts to spend all his/her money on horses.

I passed 3 gates like this on the road. This place is huge.

More farming.

When the irrigation stops the green does as well.

Stopped for road construction.

Lots of straight roads, little traffic, and high speed limits.

I stopped at Rome Station, Oregon for lunch. Met riders Chris and Mike there.

The place was empty other than the cook when I left.

The view from Rome Station looking south west in my direction of travel.

The view from Rome Station looking north east on my route there.

I made it to the Hotel in Winnemucca, Nevada. Found a Harley from Colorado there. Had a nice chat with the owner in the morning.

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