Corvallis, Oregon to Heppner, Oregon

278 Miles, Thursday, September 6

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I took highway 34 to Lebanon and then 20 to Sisters where I got fuel and lunch. I was not long out of Lebanon when the haze of smoke to the east was apparent. Looking west the sky had a bit of haze:

Light haze to the west

More haze to the east where I was heading:

More haze to the east

As I approached Sisters the haze was growing a bit in intensity and the evidence of past fires could be seen.

Near Sisters

Heading north on 97 through Sisters, Redmond, and Madras the land becomes drier and fewer trees.



No shoulder here but also no cars....


Antelope, Oregon is a small community with an interesting past. As of 2012 the population was 47. But in the early 1980's a group led by a guru arrived and outnumbered the local population renaming the town "Rajneesh". Their group fell apart and many of the leaders deported amid criminal behavior (including a mass food poisoning) and the town renamed Antelope. The Antelope Cafe has not been in use for many years.


From Antelope I continued east on 218 to Fossil then north on 19 to Condon. It was warm and the horizon fairly heavy with the haze of smoke.



Passing through Condon I continued east on 206 to Heppner. The road occasionally has some nice curves.


I got gas in Heppner and then headed for the Motel. There aren't a lot of choices for places to stay in this part of Oregon. The Northwestern Motel in Heppner has themes for each room. My room was decorated with stars and stripes.


When heading to dinner I saw a woman ride past on a motorcycle outfitted with two extra wheels in back. This was not the typical 3 wheel trike conversion as this had a total of 4 wheels.


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