Arch Cape, Oregon to Corvallis, Oregon

140 Miles, Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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This was a short day with a lunch stop to visit a friend in Dallas, Oregon and then dinner with another friend in Corvallis, Oregon. I was completely packed the day before the trip so didn't hurry much Wednesday morning before leaving. Of course I found a few assorted tasks to do before leaving. I also encountered some construction on 101 so that got me to lunch a little later than intended but it still worked out OK.

This is the view about 5 miles down the coast. Highway 101 heads inland just enough that the view of the ocean is not seen much after this.

View of the ocean

Chad was a rider from British Columbia that stopped by while I was at this turn out.

Another motorcycle rider, Chad

I stopped in Dallas, Oregon to visit a friend, Rand, with whom I used to work. I thought I would take him out to lunch but found that he was cooking me lunch. He recently built a very nice stable on his property. It has been fun to see the progress on each visit.

Horse barn

An addition in progress are a few more stalls for even more horses.

More stalls

The fastest way to Corvallis is down I-5 but that is not very scenic. Much more enjoyable is my standard route on highway 223 through Kings Valley. That hits highway 20 just east of Philomath. Then it is a short ride into Corvallis. A couple views of the area near Corvallis.

Road outside Corvallis

Road outside Corvallis

I had dinner with Milo, another friend with whom I used to work. He works at the OSU forestry department. One of his pastimes is breaking big wooden things to see when they will fail. Always lots of impressive scrap pieces on hand.

Laminated beams used in testing

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