Fleetwood Evolution E1 Pop-up Trailer

I purchased a new 2007 Fleetwood Evolution E1 pop-up trailer. This is a conventional pop-up design with beds that slide out to the front and rear.

As seems to be common, the beds each have two rods that provide support once the beds have been extended. The rear support rods attach to the back bumper. The front rods attach to deck of a platform that extends out two feet from the front of the trailer. There are two problems  with this current design: 1) Any items stored on the deck that would cover the mounting location must be moved, and 2) the studs used to hold the support rods prevent objects from being stored flat on the deck surface in any position desired.

The Plan
I want to modify the front bed support such that  the attachment point is the front railing that runs under the front deck. I plan to mount new support pins on the front railing. The existing support tubes and upper latching mechanism will be used however the front tubes will be cut, and an extension tube will be used to give the proper length. In order to swing the support tubes into place it will be necessary to make the lower portion of the support tube removable.

As the first step in this project I took a set of photos of the front and rear bed supports. I also made measurements of the factory support system. (Dimension information to be added soon.)

Photos of rear bed
Photos of front bed
Next Steps

I am going to determine inside tubing diameter and locate tubing to use for additional support. I will machine a couple of new mounts to be placed on the lower railing and have a friend make a couple plugs that will join the tubing.