Changing Open Office Presentation Author

It is quite common to grab an existing Open Office presentation in order to make use of an existing template having a background image or border that you wish to carry through on your slide set. When you do this you will find that the properties information for the presentation list incorrect information for the original author. As far as I know Open Office does not have a command to change this. (Send me a note if I am wrong about that.)

The following set of Linux commands will allow you to change the original author. For this example I assume you have been working on a slide set called "presentation". I make a backup called "presentation_v1" and create a modified slide set called "presentation_v2".

cp presentation.odp presentation_v1.odp
cp presentation.odp
mkdir temp
cd temp
unzip ../
Now edit the file meta.xml and change the contents of the <meta:initial_creator> field.
zip -f ../ meta.xml
cd ..
cp presentation_v2.odp