Cannon Beach CERT Radio Training

The following materials were prepared for Cannon Beach CERT team members radio and general communications training.

Training documents:

GMRS Radio Training for CERT - This document explains how to select a frequency and transmit with the Baofeng UV-82HP and BTECH radios.

The following table provides a list of programming channels, names, and frequencies. The "A" file is used for amateur radio operators (HAMs). The "B" file contains GMRS frequencies and the Clatsop AuxComm "top 20" channels with transmit disabled for HAM band frequencies. The "G" file was used with BTECH GMRS-V1 radios. These files were used with the Chirp software program for radio programming.

Frequency List CSV File Description
20A01 20A01.csv Frequency list for HAMs
20B01 20B01.csv Frequency list for non-HAMs. Transmit disabled on HAM frequencies.
20G01 20G01.csv Limited GMRS channels. Used on BTECH radios.

Radios programmed by Dale will typically have a small sticker inside the battery compartment with the name of the frequency list used to program the radio. If you update the programming with a different frequency list I suggest you update the sticker.

The .csv files were used to program Baofeng UV-82HP radios. The BTECH radios limit transmit to the first 30 GMRS channels. Other channels can be used for receive only. Note that some fussing by hand was required to get the Chirp software to program the BTECH radios programmed as desired.

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