Radio Training Materials and Resources

There are many resources available on the Internet for Amateur Radio and emergency communications. Some pointers here with an emphasis on Clatsop County.

Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corp (MRC)

Information found here.

Cannon Beach CERT

Information found here.

Slide Set

A slide with useful amateur radio information directed at Clatsop County (specifically Cannon Beach) and emergency communications. The slides along with notes for each slide can be found here. If you want only the slides without the accompanying notes you will find those here.

This slide set was created by Dave Neys, W7PDQ, explaining the working of a cross band repeater.

Clatsop County Frequency List

The Clatsop County AuxComm web page has suggested frequencies for Clastop County. Look for the "Technical Resources" tab and from that select "Local Frequencies".

The Nehalem and Manzanita area has a well organized emergency preparedness team. This includes communications using amateur radio as well as GMRS. Their web site has a section on communications and lists their radio programing frequencies. Link to their web site is here.

Programming Your Radio

Most modern radios can be programmed using a computer. This is the only practical way to enter many frequencies. Entering by hand is tedious and error prone. Manufacturers will have software available specific to their radios. A popular program which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux is called CHIRP. I have notes about using the CHIRP software here.

FEMA and Emergency Operations / Communications

This FEMA web page has many forms of interest to an amateur radio operator. Of particular interest will be:

Note that because these forms may be updated over time it is recommended that the latest version be pulled from the FEMA web page.