Arch Cape Repeater Visit May 19, 2008

In December of 2007 the north coast experienced hurricane force winds. Clatsop County saw huge numbers of trees downed. Power failures hit the north coast. Arch Cape was without power and phone (both cell and land line) for several days. The fiber optic line which serves Clatsop County was severed in two places thus breaking the redundant "ring" of service. This disabled 911 service because all 911 calls must travel out of the county on fiber then back again. Amateur radio was called into service for several days.

Despite the high winds the Arch Cape 146.74 repeater remained on the air. Fortunately the solar panels survived the storm. In a later fly-over with Frank, NM7R piloting, Jay, W7FBM inspected the site and found that the main antenna had been broken. To prevent damage due to transmitting into what must have been a high SWR the repeater was switched off.

This year had an unusually high snow pack so the first attempt to service the repeater could not be accomplished. Finally in late May Jay, W7FBM, Ken, WA7PIX, and Allen, NM7Q made a trip to the repeater site to make repairs. A fair bit of work was required to access the site but once there a new antenna was installed an the repeater is back on the air.

Here are two photos taken during the fly-over. Note the antenna pieces scattered on the ground:

Here is the 146.66 site, also with antenna damage:

Driving in, Jay maneuvers past a downed tree:

And under another one:

The good news is having the solar panels survive.

The main antenna is broken:

The antenna pieces are resting in front of the repeater building.

Not much left of that antenna.

Jay removes the old antenna:

A new antenna installed:

The first three photos were taken by Jay Shepherd, W7FBM with Frank Wolfe, NM7R piloting.
The remaining photos were taken by Ken Lucke, WA7PIX.
All photos used by permission and copyright their respective photographers.

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