Arch Cape Repeater Visit December 31, 2005

I  made a summer trip to the repeater site along with local residents Bob Cerelli and Dan Seifer. We took along tools and a metal locking mechanism that I welded. It took a considerable amount of work to get the door open without doing further damage to the door. We installed the new locking mechanism seen in the photos below. I did not have a new deadbolt with me on that trip not knowing just what would be needed to install a new lock so I simply blocked the opening for the deadbolt with duct tape inside and out. The trip December 31 was to install a new deadbolt and check the batteries.

Battery voltages measured for 4 cells:  Left rear 6.21, right rear 6.21, left front 6.20, right front 6.22 volts. Specific gravity was between 1.220 and 1.225, a bit weak.

Door lock - photo 1 This photo shows the new locking mechanism with the new deadbolt lock installed.

This  photo is taken from a position a bit to the east, looking southwest. There are a couple wood shims helping to keep the door tightly closed. Side view of door

Door - photo three This  is a close up photo showing the new deadbolt and the left hand side of the door. The black box on the left is open at the bottom with a lock housed inside securing the black metal bar  across the door.

In  this photo  I am sliding the metal bar that secures the door back in place. When I arrived up there around 11 AM it was overcast with a view of the ocean. By noon the site was in fog and a slight bit of rain was starting. Closing up the repeater shack.

Log loade with brokern window. The area has active logging and road maintenance in progress. This loader is about a half mile from the highway. Note the broken window. Quiet frustrating to see this sensless vandalism.

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