Arch Cape Repeater visit July 25, 2010

A good friend of mine, Gil Meacham (N7GEM) was passing through the area and stopped by for a vist. I decided to take advantage of the good weather and extra person and get the repeater door hinges replaced.

The replacement was a bit more difficult than I expected as only the top hinges had any connection with the door frame - so while the lower hinge was being replaced I had to hold the door in place to prevent tearing out the top hinge. I'll suggest a minimum of three people when this door is eventually replaced.

In addition to replacing the hinges we drove a few screws through the inside metal cladding to fasten that down. The door is now in pretty good shape. Routine maintenance on each visit must be to apply a bit of heavy oil or gease to the hinges.

A new problem was discovered on this visit -- carpenter ants. We are accumulating a pile of sawdust in the shack. On the next visit we need a generator and vacuum and also some bug spray. Another routine maintenance item needs to be spraying for ants. The water level in the batteries was OK.

Gil installing hinges.
Gil Meacham, N7GEM, is put to work installing hinges.

Door information which may be useful when we replace the door:
Door opening: 36 inches
Door height: 80 inches
Deadbolt: 39 5/8 from top of door
Entry lock (not needed): 45 from top of door
Deadbolt nose length: 2 3/8
3 hing steel clad door
opens out, hinged on right side
Hing measurments from top of door:
  8 1/4 - 12
 38 1/4 - 41 3/4
 58 1/4 - 71 3/4

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