Arch Cape Repeater Visit March 13, 2005

I visited the repeater site on March 13. The purpose was to check electrolyte level in the batteries, add water if needed, and measure the specific gravity of electrolyte.

Unfortunately the site was vandalized such that I was unable to enter. The good news is that the solar panels were not damaged. The bad news is that the door locks were destroyed. It appears that someone attempted entry by pounding on the door with some object. They were unsuccessful in entering, but broke the knob of the standard lockset and pushed the deadbolt lock into the frame quite a bit. A key will no longer enter this lock.

A return visit with tools will be necessary. Hopefully we can gain entry such that new locks can be installed and it will not be necessary to replace the door.

Here are some photos of the site and damage taken March 13, 2005.

Arch Cape repeater building. The Arch Cape repeater site viewed from the southwest. It is about 3:30 in the afternoon and the sun is brightly illuminating the two solar panels on the west side of the building.

Door lock damage. Door lock damage. The deadbolt lock has been pushed back into the door. The entry lockset below has been broken off.

Flashing damage. The flashing has been pried out and door dented.

Lock parts on ground. The lock set handle and ring that surrounded deadbolt are on the ground.

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