Arch Cape Repeater Visit June 3, 2010

The plan was that Tim Crawford, KE7TAC, and I would make a really quick run up to the repeater to check the batteries and add water.  It had been raining heavily a couple days before and along with the rain we had some high winds. So the idea was that if we found any road issues - such as wash outs or downed trees - we would give up and not try and press on. Just 2.1 miles up the road we encountered a "road issue" in the form of some really large rocks blocking the road. That ended the trip for the day. I have since learned that there is another route that will get us past the rocks. So we will be making another trip soon.

The rocks as viewed from the north side:

The rocks as viewed from the south side:

I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a photo posing with my truck:

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