PDX Brewers Pub Crawl
Saturday, April 26, 2008

The plan, drawn up with a precision of which NASA would be proud
was to visit 7 local brew pubs. Of course the schedule fell apart with
our first stop...  See the original schedule here.

The plan was to visit the following establishments:
Hopworks Urban Brewery, Hair of the Dog Brewery, Lucky Lab Brew Pub,
Roots Brewing Company, Green Dragon Bistro & Brewing Pub, Horse
Brass Pub, and Belmon Station with lunch at Hopworks.

We actually had lunch at Lucky Lab, did not visit Belmont Station, and
finshed up the day at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

Destinations: 1h15m for lunch at Hopworks, then 45m everywhere else:

Arrive 11:00 AM - Hopworks Urban Brewery      Depart 12:15
2944 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
Actual arrival:  11:10

Arrive 12:20 PM - Hair of the Dog Brewery      Depart 1:05 PM
4509 SE 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
Actual arrival:  12:35

Arrive 1:10 PM - Lucky Lab Brew Pub      Depart 1:55 PM
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214
Actual arrival:  2:26

Arrive 1:56 PM - Roots Brewing Co      Depart 2:41 PM
1520 SE 7th Portland, OR
Actual arrival:  1:18

Arrive 2:42 PM - Green Dragon Bistro & Brewing Pub      Depart 3:26 PM
928 SE 9th St. Portland, OR 97214
Actual arrival:  3:24

Arrive 3:31 PM - Horse Brass Pub      Depart 4:16 PM
4534 SE Belmont Portland, OR 97215
Actual arrival:  4:06

Arrive 4:17 PM - Belmont Station      Depart 5:01 PM
4500 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97215
Actual:  Did not visit

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse
Unscheduled stop.  Arrived:  6:43

First stop: Hopworks Urban Brewery

Sampling beer at the source. Your basic "picnic tap" with several hundred
gallons of beer behind it.

Back for another sample. Clearing the tap as it is moved to another tank.

The lines feeding the taps upstairs.

The bar at Hopworks.

The anual dock sale at Hair of the Dog.

Lunch at Lucky Lab.

Roots Brewing Company.

Pulling a sample at Roots.

The feedlines at Roots.

Green Dragon.

Horse Brass Pub.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

Full photo set here - This may not stay on server forever - 66 photos, 19 Mb.
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