Bronze Casting Class

We attended a two day bronze casting class, Saturday and Sunday May 10/11 at the Barbey Maritime Center in Astoria, Oregon (part of the Columbia Maritime Museum). The class is taught by Sam Johnson. Melting and pouring bronze is not all that hard - the real trick is figuring out how to create the mold and that is where you really benefit from the many years of Sam's experience.

The class started at 9:00 AM and even with an hour or so for lunch I was pouring my first casting by 2 PM. The class is of great interest to boat builders as bronze castings can create many items needed on a boat. But many other items, both useful and beautiful can be created. For more information contact the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and ask about this or the other classes they offer. This was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had.

I took a lot of photos:    Saturday Class    Sunday Class

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