Dog nutrition information provided by my vet.
Source unknown at the moment, but taken from
some textbook.

A balanced generic homemade formula for healthy adult dogs that meets AAFCO allowances.

Dog food (daily formulation for an 18-kg dog)
Ingredients Grams %
Carbohydrate, cooked (1) 240 58
Meat, cooked (2) 120 29
Fat (3) 10 2
Fiber (4) 30 7
Bone meal (5) 4.0
Potassium chloride (6) 1.0

(1) Examples include rice, cornmeal, oatmeal, potato, pasta and various infant cereals.
(2) Examples include all typical meats, poultry, fish and liver.
(3) Chicken fat, beef fat, vegetables oil or fish oil.
(4) Prepared high-0fiber cereals (All Bran, Fiber One) or vegetables (raw or cooked).
(5) Dicalcium phosphate can be used in place of bone meal.
(6) Readily available as a salt substitute in grocery stores.
Human adult vitamin-mineral tablet (9 g/tablet, give 1 tablet/day).

Nutrient content (%DMB)
Protein 21
Fat 20
Crude fiber 6.5
Calcium 0.66
Phosphorus 0.59
Magnesium 0.1
Sodium 0.2
Potassium 0.6
kcal (as fed) 820

Directions: Bake or microwave meat component and cook starch component separately. Grind or finely chop meat if necessary. Pulverizse the bone meal or dicalcium phosphate. Mix with all other components except the vitamin-mineral supplement. Mix well and serve immediately or cover and refrigerate. Feed the vitamin-mineral supplement with the meal; give as a pill or pulverize and thoroughly mix with food before feeding.