1993 Jeep Wrangler

This Jeep has run Rubicon and Moab. No body damage, never rolled or abused. This is a trail-ready rig that is ready to go anywhere. This started as a stock Wangler a little under 20,000 miles back and a few years ago. It went through a build up to make it a great off highway Jeep. All of the build-up was done by Leonard's Off Road. It has explored Oregon trails from the Tillamook State Forest, to the California border, to Steens Mountain. I have flat towed it to Moab and driven it to Rubicon. This now has 81,800 miles, has had excellent maintenance, garaged, and has not been abused. With lockers front and rear it is very capable on the trail. The front cable locker makes it easy to drive on pavement and trail. Having the Warn hubs all around means that if you do apply too much power a hub will be the first thing to break making for an easy trail repair. I have a spare hub, though this has run Rubicon and Moab with no problems - using lockers beats trying to power through obstacles with speed. This has lots of locking storage for tools, spare parts, cameras, and such stuff. This is a great camping rig. The metal insert behind the seats allows locking gear storage with a deck that will hold an ice chest and more gear on top. I do have the back seat which is not installed right now but can be put back in if desired.  Phone Dale at 503-332-5201 (cell). Or e-mail dale at archcape dot com (put the word "jeep" in the subject line).

Front bumper  holds Warn XD9000i winch and has mount for High Lift jack. The lift was done with larger springs and a 1 inch body lift. This gives good tire clearance and a better ride than with the common axle spring over lift.

Here is a close up of the front bumper and High Lift mount. A shovel also nicely fastens here. The license plate mounts on the winch rollers, a common technique.

The rear bumper has a swing out tire carrier that also holds a gas can and a locking storage box.

The rear bumper swings out for access to the back. The rear bumper has a 2 inch receiver.

This custom box behind the seats has a top section that provides storage for the upper halves of the doors if you want to pull them out. I have a storage bag made to hold those. The bottom section provides for lockable gear storage. You can put more gear and an ice chest on top of this platform. This storage box is removable so the rear seat can be put back if desired. The rear seat is included with the rig.

This Tuffy box gives locking tool storage under the hood.

Warn hubs all the way around let you easily flat tow this rig. They also provide a "weak link" so they will be the item that breaks rather than an axle or U-Joint. The Jeep comes with a spare hub and replacement is a quick and easy trial fix (however I have never broken a hub, nor anything else on the trail).

Window out.

The windows are quick and easy to remove. They store in a protective bag on the top shelf of the metal box in back.

Onboard air provided by an ARB compressor.

Tuffy locking center console gives some locking storage space. This also provides locking space for a radio in the front section. I used that space to mount the control head for an amateur radio.  I have a good stereo mounted in the dash but nothing so exotic that I have ever worried about it being stolen.

What would a car be without cup holders? These metal cup holders are mounted for both driver and passenger. Quite nice to hold a water bottle in the summer.