Jeep Cherokee

This is a year 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

A discussion about bumpers came up recently so I created this page to illustrate the front and rear bumpers I have as well as the rocker guards. When I get some time I'll see about adding some other photos of the rig.

front bumper Front bumper and winch mount. An auto tuner for ham radio is located behind the license plate. A wire from this runs up to the base of an antenna mount. A quick connect allows mounting antennas designed for different ham bands. A mount for a CB whip is on the right hand side of the photo.

rear bumper Rear bumpter. I highly recommend the swing down steps if you have a roof rack. These are really handy when putting camping gear on the rack.

rocker guards These  rocker guards were custom made by Leonard of Leonard's Off Road.

I was driving around one day with only my high lift jack when I realized that I would have no way to jack the rick from the side. I also wanted som rocker protection. So I asked Leonard to see what he could do and he built these very nice (and very solid) rocker guards.

All the work on this rig was done by Leonard's Off Road - front and rear bumpter install, custom rocker guards, gas tank skid plate install, some custom welding related to amateur radio gear, new springs and little bit of lift.